Theses | Extension

In duly substantiated cases, the submission deadline can be extended by the Examination Board by 50% of the total timeframe, but no more than 13 weeks (if timeframe is 26 weeks). Justifications for the extension are events for which the student is not responsible.

In the case of technical or subject-related reasons, the student submits an application in which he/she explains the reasons for the delay in a comprehensible manner and provides supporting documents. In a separate letter, the examiner/first reviewer comments on this request and approves it (or not). Both letters have to be signed personally.

In the case of illness, a medical certificate of incapacity for work must be submitted to the office for Student Affairs within three calendar days of issue at the latest. The processing period is extended by the certified time, at most by half of the processing time, but no more than 13 weeks.