Application Process

We have put together all the information about the application process and the selection criteria for the department here.

Current Application Deadlines for Semesters Abroad

The application period for a stay abroad within Europe in the summer semester 2025 is from 01.05.2024 to 31.05.2024. Please check the list for available places. Exchange places that are not listed there cannot be selected in the application portal move on.

The application portal (move on) of the TU Darmstadt is already open.

Application Process

The complete application documents must be submitted by email to the advisor for international relations and mobility of the department of law and economics to: .

Following application documents are mandatory to submit:

  • Checklist (see Downloads )
  • Scan of the online application form (move on) from the International Relations and Mobility Unit
  • Application form for the Department of Law and Economics (see Downloads ) The pdf form must be opened and completed in Adobe Acrobat. It must be ensured that the information matches the information on move on (see above). The completed form must be saved with “save file” and then Adobe Acrobat must be closed. To check the file, it can be opened again. It is important to ensure that the form fields are still present as such and can be edited. The file must not be read-only.
  • If applicable, bachelor’s certificate (compulsory for master’s students)
  • One-page letter explaining the study plan (course selection) abroad and its integration into the studies at TUDa, indicating the academic interest in the stay abroad as well as the choice of preferred universities (first and second choice).
  • Curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Language certificates

Selection Criteria

The selection of candidates is based on the following criteria:

  • Academic performance status
  • One-page letter explaining the study plan
  • Community engagement with a proof
  • Already completed study abroad

No consideration in the selection procedure (exclusion criteria):

  • Three third attempts or more, average grade not considered.
  • Average grade worse than 3.31, independent of third attempts
  • Average grade worse than 3.01 and at least one third attempt

If they are equally suitable, female students will be favoured.

If applicants are equally suitable, the department reserves the right to hold selection interviews.

The preselection of candidates for the department is forwarded to the International Relations and Mobility Unit. There, the selection is checked, and a binding nomination of the candidates takes place. The International Relations and Mobility Unit will then inform the candidates about the status of their application and how to proceed.