Theses | Master's Thesis

The final thesis is generally regulated under § 23 of the General Examination Regulations (APB). Thereafter, separate registration and withdrawal procedures, repetition rules and examination authorisations apply to theses. In addition, the conditions for the issue of topics and receiving credit are specified in the respective study regulations under § 23 of the implementation regulations for the timeframe.

Students of Business Administration/Industrial Engineering and Business Information Systems write their bachelor's thesis in the Department of Law and Economics or in the respective technical department. Alternatively, an interdisciplinary, cross-departmental thesis can be written.

Students in the specialised, English-language master’s degree programmes Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management as well as Logistics and Supply Chain Management write their thesis with one of the research groups that offer modules in the core curriculum of their respective degree programme.

PO 2020 (WI/WINF/EIM/LSCM): workload 30 credit points (900 hours), timeframe 26 weeks

PO 2013 (WI) or PO 2011 (WINF) – expiring:

Master's thesis and study paper: workload 15 credit points (450 hours) each, timeframe 13 weeks each

Alternatively: Interdisciplinary, cross-departmental thesis: workload 30 credit points (900 hours), timeframe 26 weeks, separate application.

All theses are subject examinations and as such must be registered in the Office of Student Affairs within one week of the issue of the topic using the registration form. After receipt of the registration form, the thesis is recorded in TUCaN and the submission date (examination date) is deposited.

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