Independent Research Assignment

Not applicable to PO 2020 (WI/WINF). Only for students in accordance with PO 2013 (WI) and PO 2011 (WINF) – expiring.

In the master’s degree, two written academic papers must be prepared as part of the final module: the independent research assignment (15 credit points) and the master's thesis (15 credit points). Conditions are set out in the examination regulations.

When designating the topic, note:

If the independent research assignment is supervised by the Department of Law and Economics, the topic of the master’s thesis must be one that is supervised by the degree programme's technical department and vice versa. The timeframe is 3 months (450 h).

Submission and notification of marks:

You do not need to register at the Office for Student Affairs for the independent research assignment – regardless of which department is supervising. The topic, the specific timeframe, the submission date and submission formats will be agreed on between the student and the supervising research groups. The submission is made to the supervising research group. In order to record the credit, the research group sends a letter signed by the subject examiner containing the mark and the topic of the independent research assignment. The date of this letter will be recorded as the examination date of the thesis.