Master's Work Placement

Not applicable to PO 2020 (WI/WINF). Only for students in accordance with PO 2013 (WI) and PO 2011 (WINF) – expiring.

In the master’s degree programmes in Business Administration/Industrial Engineering (PO 2013) and Business Information Systems (PO 2011), a work placement of 12 weeks must be completed. The nature of activity of the work placement must be in either the field of Business Administration/Industrial Engineering or Business Information Systems. For further details, please note the work placement regulations and the change that no work placement report is required to be submitted (§ 5 is not applicable, FBR decision of 08 Feb. 2020).

Recognition of the work placement: After completing the activity, a qualified job reference must be submitted to the Office for Student Affairs together with the form for recognition of the master’s work placement.

Types of Work Placement

Master's Work Placement Recognition Documents/Evidence
Work Placement in a German Company
(minimum 12 weeks)
Yes Qualified Certificate (Copy)
Work Placement in a Foreign Company (minimum 12 weeks) Yes Qualified Certificate (Copy)
Working Student Activity Yes, at least 480 hours of work Contract (copy), proof of the hours worked
Commercial Education Yes, all commercial areas Certificate (copy)
Other Training After examination by the Office for Student Affairs Certificate (copy)
Independence After examination by the Office for Student Affairs Website, company presentation, business registration

In justified exceptional cases, the work placement can be made up during academic study until the last technical examination has been registered. Submit the deadline extension request form for the work placement to the Office for Student Affairs for approval by the Examination Board. For study-related internships, a leave of absence can be approved if there is documentation.

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