Graduation Documents

Academic study has been successfully completed when TUCaN shows a status of “pass”. The completion date is the date on which the last examination was taken. The final documents do not contain any information on the number of semesters actively studied.

At regular intervals, a report is sent to the Office for Student Affairs to verify who has graduated. You are also welcome to inform the Office for Student Affairs when you have successfully passed the last examination and ask for a copy of the final documents.

The final document process – from creation to quality assurance to the final signing and delivery – can take a few weeks.

Due to corona-related restrictions, the final documents are currently being sent by post to the address stored in the TUCaN. When the final documents (certificates) are signed, the student will receive an email with a request for notification or confirmation of the delivery address.

Upon completion of your studies, it is strongly recommended that you actively de-register either on the desired deadline or at the end of the respective semester, in order to avoid, among other things, reminder letters regarding missing semester fees.

You will receive: certificate, diploma, transcript, credit overview with additional credits