Women's Advancement Funds

At TU Darmstadt, women's advancement funds are understood as an instrument for successfully implementing targeted advancement of women in the departments and thus promoting equal opportunities for women and men at the university.


At the Department of Law and Economics, women's advancement funds are earmarked for activities that pursue the following goals:

  • Increase the proportion of women in Business Administration/Industrial Engineering and Business Information Systems programmes of study
  • Sustainable support for women in science
  • Promote network activities by women to improve study, research, and working conditions for women, even in the international field
  • Promote the compatibility of studies/work and family

Applications and deadlines

All female members of the department (students, research assistants, administrative-technical staff and professors) are entitled to apply.

The funds can be applied for twice per year:

  • 31 Mar. and 30 Sept.

Allocation guidelines

All questions regarding applications are answered in the Guidelines for the Allocation of Women's Advancement Funds at the Department of Law and Economics (opens in new tab)(German):

  • Who can apply?
  • What activities are funded?
  • How does one apply?
  • Which deadlines must be met?