Information about Studies in WI/WINF

Students of Business Administration/Industrial Engineering and Business Information Systems are contacted by the Office for Student Affairs via various formats and information channels.

The following options:

  • Information from the Office for Student Affairs, study abroad information, as well as forums about the Moodle course under the module name 01-01-0001 WI/WINF_Informationen zum Studium. Register for the module at the start of your studies and through the class for the Moodle course: WI/WINF Informationen Bachelorstudium – 01-00-0001-iv / WI/WINF Informationen Masterstudium – 01-00-0002-iv
  • Personal study counselling by the study coordinator on request.
  • Informational events are offered on an as-needed basis.
  • You will receive TUCaN system messages from the Office for Student Affairs.