Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management
Master of Science

We have compiled the most important information regarding the application and admission process for our new Master’s programme Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management (EIM). You can also find the current deadlines below.

General information about application and admission requirements

Application process

The application period for the summer semester is from December 1 until January 15.

The application period for the winter semester is from June 1 until July 15.

We do not work with Uni-assist. To apply, please use our application portal. The application portal opens on the first day of the particular application period and closes for these degree programmes after the application deadline.

Look here for further information about applying with international qualifications: International Admission

Admission requirements

Requirements for admission to both master’s degree programmes comprise a “Bachelor of Science” degree from the programmes B.Sc. Business Administration/Industrial Engineering (Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen) of the TU Darmstadt or an equivalent degree, for example: Business Administration/Management or Business Mathematics.

Note: a Bachelor thesis is one of the most relevant requirements for a direct admission. Furthermore, a solid background in the field of Economics and Business administration is required and will be evaluated thoroughly.

To be admitted to the master’s degree programme, you must prove your study experience in the field of Business Administration and Economics totalling at least 45 credit points (CP), in Mathematics and Statistics totalling 20 CP, in Law at least 9 CP as well as an independently produced seminar work (6 CP) and a Bachelor thesis (12 CP).

All certificates can be checked only during the application period; we do not offer any kind of pre-evaluation!

Language requirements

All compulsory courses are held in English. Therefore, you need to show evidence that your English knowledge meets a C1 level. Please check the Equivalence table displaying the different exam formats, which are accepted, and some further options of English proof.

Further information

Regarding the visa, insurance, or accommodation questions please contact the International Student Services (ISS).

More information about scholarships you will find here.

Application and admission process

Application Admission process EIM LSCM

Perform your Online Application via the application portal of the International Admission Office and follow the given instructions.

Fill in the entry competency sheet (opens in new tab) and indicate all the relevant courses you had during your previous studies.

Assort your paper documents and send them to the International Admission Office. You must send via post a set of authenticated copies of the academic transcripts, degree certificate, and English proficiency certificate, as well as translations if needed.

If your documents are complete, they will be forwarded to the Department of Law and Economics for detailed subject-specific examination. If all required competencies mentioned in Step 2 can be derived from your previous studies, you will be admitted directly.

Applicants without Business majors in the bachelor's programmes, such as those who have studied Mechanical Engineering or Computer Science, will be most likely rejected.

If there is a doubt about the required competencies according to your previous studies, we will invite you to the entrance examination, which will take place in presence at the TU Darmstadt. The written entrance examination is offered for both study programmes.

Specific degree entrance competencies for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management M.Sc. and Logistics and Supply Chain Management M.Sc. tested in the written entrance exam are following:

  • Mathematics
  • General Business Administration
  • Economics
  • Statistics
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management or Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Business Information Systems
  • Law science

You can see a sample entrance exam here. (opens in new tab)

If you have passed the entrance exam, you will be admitted directly.

Alternatively to the entrance examination, you can take a GMAT externally. The accepted score for a direct admission is 650 or higher.

The next entrance examination will take place on September, 25th at 10:00-11:30 a.m.

Rooms: S1|03 221 for EIM, S1|03 226 for LSCM.

Address: TU Darmstadt, S1|03, Hochschulstr. 1, 64289 Darmstadt

In order to allow sufficient time for participation in the entrance examination and for visa applications in case of an admission, we strongly recommend to apply up to one year before the desired start of the study programme and not for the following semester. Nevertheless, all required and complete documents must be submitted with the application.

To be informed about the status of your application, please refer to the International Admission Office. Do not call the Office for Student Affairs (Studienbüro), since we have no information related to your application status. After the departmental decision about your admission to one of the Master’s programmes, an official admission letter will be issued by the International Admission Office and sent to you.


Application process and admission requirements

Here you can find instructions for an online application at TU Darmstadt for students with a German higher education entrance qualification.

After a centralized check of your documents, the Department of Law and Economics will conduct an internal review of your entrance competencies according to the examination regulations for the master’s programmes EIM and LSCM.

All steps of the admission process can be found on the departmental homepage.

Please inform yourself about the required documents for international students on the central website of TU Darmstadt.

Please note that you have to translate and notarize your foreign documents.

All compulsory courses are held in English. Therefore, you need to show evidence that your English knowledge meets a C1 level. Please check the Equivalence table displaying the different exam formats which are accepted and some further options of English proof.

No, since these master’s programmes are taught in English, you do not need to provide a German certificate. However, we strongly recommend starting with German as soon as possible.

No, neither of these programmes is admission restricted in this sense. Whether you are admitted directly depends on your bachelor's degree, more precisely on the required entry competencies. Please read more about the admission process on our Website.

This cannot be answered in general. It depends on your subject and study programme. However, your documents will be checked individually and as thoroughly as for applicants from Germany.

Please note that we can only provide you with information on your eligibility for your chosen degree programme after you have completed and submitted our online application, and your application and the necessary documents have reached us via post.

In any case, you should bring a large part of courses in Business Administration and Economics from your bachelor's degree. You have to fill out an entry competency sheet which you can download after your online application in the application portal and submit with all documents via post. You can also find the competency sheet (opens in new tab) in the download area of EIM/LSCM on the departmental homepage.

Alternatively, you can submit a GMAT (at least 650 points) or take the entrance exam if you receive a letter of invitation from the Department of Law and Economics.

No, you need to submit all your documents via post to the TU Darmstadt. More information about documents you will find here.

You can apply via TUCaN and send your documents afterwards to the Office for Student Affairs or via post or email. You need to send the confirmation form, your Bachelor’s degree certificate and English proof.

Planning and organizing your studies

Yes, the transfer is possible. Please follow two steps in the following instruction:

1) Send a request via contact form, attach a course proposal to be recognized with assignment to the areas of your study plan.

2) Office for Student Affairs enters your credits in Tucan

Yes, the transfer is possible. Please follow two steps in the following instruction:

1) Send a request via contact form, attach the transcript, module description, and a proposal of courses to be recognized

2) Office for Student Affairs decides which courses can be transferred with equivalent and without equivalent and inform you about further steps regarding equivalency check etc.

No, it is not a requirement for enrolment. Nevertheless, it is highly recommended to start learning German before your studies. This will give you more confidence in everyday life in Germany.

Yes, a basic German language class will be offered for EIM and LSCM students. Furthermore, you can take additional classes of the Language Resource Centre.

You can find these both most important documents regarding your studies in the download area EIM/LSCM on the departmental homepage.

Here you can find the partner institutions of our department (choose „Dept. 01“ at „Fach-/Studienbereich“).

For more details, please contact or the International Office of TU Darmstadt.

You can contact . Afterwards, your message will be forwarded to the responsible contact person.

If you have any questions about the organization of your studies, our Office for Student Affairs (“Studienbüro”) is the right contact point.

If you have specific questions about the subject, please contact the Study Advisory Service of the corresponding chair.

Yes, it is possible, even from the first semester. Read more here.