Intelligent invocation of help in Human-AI Collaboration


Are you fascinated by the evolving dynamics between humans and artificial intelligence (AI) in the field of helping? Do you have a strong interest in experimental design and data analysis? If so, you are invited on an innovative journey to design and conduct an experiment that explores the complexity of an intelligent help system that guides human decisions based on help from AI.

In this thesis opportunity, you'll explore the frontiers of human-AI interaction by designing an experiment to understand how people respond to help when it's either self-invoked or AI-invoked. Building on existing research that highlights the nuanced responses to different invocation of help, your task will be to design a sophisticated system that intelligently guides humans to make decisions that the AI considers optimal.

If you are interested in designing and conducting an experiment that bridges the gap between human decision-making and AI help, you are invite to take advantage of this opportunity and join this research project.

You would like to be part of this research endeavor?

Reach out to me () with…

… your recent transcript of records (from TUCaN)

… your curriculum vitae (CV)

… your planed start date

It would be also great if you could share any potential relevant skills for our joint work, e.g., experience in research, coding skills, etc. You can write the thesis in English (preferred) or German.

Let's work together to advance our understanding of creativity from artificial intelligence.