Elective Catalogue Law and Economics / Elective Area (6 CP)

An updated catalogue of electives is published every semester for the modules (6 CP) in the master’s degree in the elective area of law and economics (WI/WINF) / in the Elective Area (EIM/LSCM). The selection of modules is only possible in the semester offered, depending on the cycle. Examinations can be taken every semester.

The current elective catalogue for all degree programmes can be found under Downloads and Links via the respective tile of the degree.

Notes on choosing modules (subject area according to § 30 (5) APB):

  • When making your selection, take into account (1) the allocation according to your curriculum and (2) consider the cycle of offers when planning your studies.
  • Modules whose courses only take place in one semester (one-semester modules) can only be selected in their respective semester. This is to ensure that a range of courses is available (module descriptions, see the module handbook).

Registration and cancellation of modules

  • Registration: You register for modules and courses in TUCaN. This is a prerequisite for registering for examinations.
  • Cancellation: Due to the system, you can only independently cancel a module registration via TUCaN before the end of the selection semester. After that, you can cancel via the Office for Student Affairs as long as no work has been submitted.


  • The form of examination (written or oral) is announced no later than the beginning of the registration period (15 Nov. and 01 Jun.).
  • For oral exams, you must additionally arrange for an examination date directly with the research group.


  • For the winter semester 2020/21 or summer semester 2021, the modules marked in blue in the PDF have been switched to English. This change affects the language of the course and the examination.