The Business Information Systems and Business Administration/Industrial Engineering degree programmes in our department regularly land top positions in relevant rankings – we have been among the top 3 for many years, especially in the WirtschaftsWoche ranking!

University ranking of WirtschaftsWoche 2021

Placement of TU Darmstadt; own diagram based on: WirtschaftsWoche-Ranking of Germany's top universities (May 2021)

For the annual WiWo university ranking, more than 500 HR managers from large corporations as well as small and medium-sized companies are asked which universities provide the best preparation for professional life. This ranking provides information about which universities produce graduates that are sought after by companies.

The focus of the survey is the practical relevance of the training and the focus of the ranking is on the business-related areas of business administration, economics, law, computer science, electrical engineering, natural sciences, mechanical engineering, business information systems and business administration/industrial engineering.

Business information systems at TU Darmstadt: consistently at the top

For several years now, the Business Information Systems degree programme at TU Darmstadt has consistently held top positions and is in second place in the current WiWo university ranking. With 20.4% of the vote, TU Darmstadt is just behind TU Munich.

Once again, TU Darmstadt demonstrates its pioneering role in the field of business information systems: in 1979, it was the first university in Germany to introduce Business Information Systems as a degree programme.

Annual survey of HR managers from more than 500 German companies on the top universities. Source: WirtschaftsWoche (May 2021)

Top placements in industrial engineering, too

Similar to business information systems, the degree programme in Business Administration/Industrial Engineering is consistently at the top of the current WiWo university ranking: 27.6% of HR professionals named alumni from this top TU Darmstadt field of study as especially hireable. With this excellent ranking result, TU Darmstadt is one of the top German universities for studying industrial engineering.

Since the Business Administration/Industrial Engineering degree programme in our department is thoroughly integrated into the engineering degree programmes, our students also benefit from the excellent positions in electrical engineering (fourth place), in mechanical engineering (fifth place) and in computer science (fifth place).

Annual survey of HR managers from more than 500 German companies on the top universities. Source: WirtschaftsWoche (May 2021)