Business Information Systems M.Sc.

The Master’s programme at a glance

The Master’s programme offers a wide range of electives both in the field of Economics and Computer Science which allow students scope to design their own courses and require them to draw up their own, personal study plan.

Law and Economics | Economics | 29 CP

This area is divided up into Compulsory Electives A (6 CP), Compulsory Electives B (6 CP) and Specialisation (12 CP) as well as the Master’s Seminar (5 CP). From Compulsory Electives B (somewhat greater depth) and Specialisation, students are free to choose two specialisations worth 6 or 12 CP from the list of modules.

The specialisation options are drawn up by one or more subject areas together. Once the first examination has been taken in the specialisation module selected, the module must be completed. The valid list of specialisations is published at the beginning of each semester (see below: Documents on the course).

In the Specialisation, students are required to attend a Master’s Seminar (5 CP) held by the responsible examiner. The Specialisation Seminar must fall within the ambit of Business Administration, Economics or Law.

Law and Economics | Master’s Seminar Business Information Systems| 5 CP

Students are required to attend a Master’s Seminar in Business Information Systems. When the seminars are presented, students will be informed which seminars are recognised as Business Administration with Computer Science seminars.

Computer Science | Electives | 30 CP

The Department of Computer Science offers students eight specialisations to choose from. As part of the compulsory modules on the Bachelor’s programme students already attend at least six relevant foundation courses on this so-called “course catalogue”.

Master’s Thesis and Programme Assignment | 15 CP + 15 CP

The Master’s thesis is a final dissertation (normally taking three months). In addition, students complete a graded course assignment (three months). If the course assignment addresses a topic from the field of Law and Economics, students must choose a topic from the field of Computer Science for their Master’s thesis and vice versa. If a examiner tutors the final dissertation/course assignment, it can be undertaken externally (e.g. in cooperation with a company). Please take careful note of our detailed Information on final papers.


Documents on the programme

Studienordnungen und Richtlinien

Modulhandbücher und Modulkataloge