Business Administration/Industrial Engineering – Mechanical Engineering B.Sc.

The Bachelor’s programme at a glance

The study programme for the standard study period is mapped out in the recommended “Studien- und Prüfungsplan” (Curriculum and Examination Plan; see below: Documents on the course). Any changes in degree regulations flow into an updated version. Students are therefore recommended to use the version that is valid at the beginning of their programme.

Law and Economics | Compulsory Electives | 6 CP

Examinations, each worth three CP, must be taken on two lectures/seminars. A prospectus is available listing the lectures/seminars in Business Administration, Economics and Law. Once the first examination has been taken in a certain subject, it is not possible to change subjects if a student fails to pass.

Bachelor’s Thesis | 12 CP

The Bachelor’s thesis is a final dissertation. Consequently, students can only register for their thesis once they have completed the fourth semester (120 CP), which includes participating successfully in the Bachelor’s Seminar. The choice of Bachelor’s thesis does not affect a student’s options with regard to a Master’s degree programme.


Documents on the programme

Studienordnungen und Richtlinien