Business Administration/Industrial Engineering - Civil Engineering

Business Administration/Industrial Engineering – Specialising in Civil Engineering

The Bachelor’s programme in Business Administration/Industrial Engineering, specialising in Civil Engineering, employs an interdisciplinary approach which opens up opportunities for graduates in various fields of work and ensures they have very good prospects on the employment market. Industrial engineers with this specialisation are employed in management as well as R&D, working at the interface of technical and commercial sectors. Their employers include, amongst others, companies in the real estate and construction industries as well as business consultancy firms.

On the Bachelor’s programme, students study aspects of Business Administration, Economics and Law as well as Civil Engineering. As of the fourth semester, they choose one of the following six profile areas as part of the Civil Engineering course: Construction Management; Supply and Disposal Management; Real Estate Valuation and Development; Technical Real Estate Management; Planning, Design and Operation of Transport Systems; Environmental Management and Planning. Within these areas, students can focus on various aspects. These technical profiles continue on the Master’s programme.