General Information


The focus of this symposium is on (but not limited to) the following interdisciplinary topics related to Rail Transport Demand Management:

Collection of travel demand data

Busy station hall.

Methods to model and forecast rail transport demand Methods and technologies to collect train occupancy data.

Strategies and measures

Wood piles are reaching out the sea in a grid orientation.

Strategies for long-term and mid-term control of demand Strategies for cases of incidents Pricing strategies, traveler information systems and other measures to control Demand Impacts of specific measures on demand Approaches to influence the decision-making behavior of passengers.

Acceptance of route suggestions

Tracks leading to different directions.

Factors influencing the acceptance Modelling acceptance and traveller behavior Influences of information quality and information media on acceptance Dependence of acceptance rates on traveller characteristics and situation characteristics.

Digital transformation in rail transport

Program source code on a screen.

Big Data driven innovation of business models Artificial Intelligence, autonomous driving and their influence on demand.

Data driven services

Traveler, waiting at the station, uses his smartphone.

Technological advances, value creation and benefits for demand management Information Systems and their influence on demand.